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The Legacy of Buffy

Read a nice article on BBC about the Legacy of Buffy.
In short, we were hoping for it, it should have been nice, but there is none.
Most following movies or series fail the Bechdel test.
I had to look it up, because I never heard of it ... that's how important it is for "Hollywood".
A sample can be seen here.


just a short time (in my universe at least) with no posts and I don't recognise the "home page" of LJ anymore ... just like at Google+ the front page is literally plastered with stuff I ought to read ... so christmas will be spend at trying to find out how to reconfigure this thing ... took a while to find "my" LJ page - shows I'm not up to my best atm
On another note
Graphs ... you just have to like them
the diffenrent Doctors and their travels through time


Internet Stuff

New project at work, + prep for a sandwich course (more of a side dish than sandwich actually) and somehow I totally forgot to post ...again ... and it will happen again I'm afraid.
Animals playing on I-Pads
Games for Cats (for I-Pad)
phenomena funny cat videos
russian Lolcats
Animal Christmas I love the gingerbread Yoga Cookies
Texts all in German (Spiegel online)

Internet Cats

kittwood studios
Me cat want job there too!

Just found on the I-Net

http://www.social-bash.com/ and http://ibash.de/ reading stuff for the boring times. Amusing


The Net lives on without me

Wow two years no entry. Great achievment ...
Stumbled upon real names, why not and real names in real life, this whole thing with real names in Facebook and Google+.

Sad News

I just had to tell my Grandmother that her younger sister died today around noon.
She already lost her younger brother from a pulmonary embolism when he was in hospital due to a broken leg. He was supposed to leave that day, the same day my grandma went into the same hospital for some preliminary enquiry. That was some 10 - 15 years ago.
Her father died on her birthday in Russia (we think), while fighting in the WW II, of which she was notified soome time later, communications being not that good then.

Her siblings were always healthier than her, she was on invalidity pension because of her bad hips and back.
The sister that died was active even after retirement (I think she never understood my gandma being not healthy) until a few years back when she started having intestinal problems. It got better, it got worse, than some other things added and she was not really understanding that her body wasn't that young anymore.
Two days ago she went to hospital and everyone thought she wouldn't make it.
Then they said when she pulls through the night it will get better.
My grandma is really upset, now she has only one sister left.

My parents went on holiday today (they were probably already on the plane) to get a little rest after the cancer treatment of my mum. They also had hoped that now all would get better and my great-aunt would live to see christmas and the new year.
sometimes I hate life



Rules of social behaviour change a lot but normally we don't experience them live ... you read about it in the history books of how it was different then.
Or your grandparents tell you ... does that mean I'm getting old? No change is just getting quicker.
Just read an article at the BBC about how social media challanges social rules.
It's a bit of the "hey I'm first!" thing lots of people have at gaming boards. In this case it's more a "I'm somewere you are not and I'm reveling in the limelight of propagating (or more shouting) it through the internet"
There also had been cases of people twittering stuff that was supposed not to get to the media yet like the results of some voting.
There is a reason why most boards have some kind of nettiquette. you can't take it for granted anymore, now that everybody thinks they are anonymus on the net. (You are not. belive me)
I remember the instance (long time ago) of some teenie pestering a small software firm who was about to release their new product, a nice adventure, into giving him a pre-release version (they were nice and did that) and then he goes and in an attempt of "I got it first, look at me and grovel in envy before my feet, because I got it first this time" posted it at some hacking boards.
The firm heard about this and instead of trying to persecute him, they called his dad and explained the whole thing to him. I don't think his son was allowed to play computer games ever again not to mention getting out of being grounded ;)



Just been to see lyorns cats.
Cute, small, but no longer quite 'baby' small.
At first they were a bit afraid of us (new people! loud people! omg!) but after a while Cerene playing cat at them, they came into the living room to look at us and to play with this nice bit of string that was lying around.
Still not into cuddles but you are able to touch them, briefly.
White One even played with my finger ;)
We weren't deigned with a purr or any other sound and they still ran when we stood up but I'm certain they will get more trunsting with time.